Ty Dolla $ign Ft. YG – Rich Ni$$a Lyrics

(Intro – YG)
Aye, Ty, this money sh*t brazy, my ni**a

(Pre Chorus YG)
I just had to dump me a bi**h
I just had to lighten up my wrist
I just had to tighten up the clique
Welcome to the life of a rich ni**a

(Chorus – YG)
Rich ni**a, yeah, yeah, a rich ni**a
Got a hundred on me right now, this ni**a
Yeah, rich ni**a
Yeah, yeah, yeah, a rich ni**a

(Verse – Ty Dolla $ign)
I just got back from El Paso
I just had to double up my cash flow
I just had to stay commercial
Sit your bi**h and put my thumb in her asshole
And I met her in my DM
I just woke up at 2 p.m
I just spent 10 racks on my BM
Young rich ni**as, yeah we be them
And all my cars twin turbo
Every time I see the pigs, they get swerved on
Your bi**h came to the club with no panties on
Got my finger in her pu**y on the dance floor
Oh, na na na
Hundred pounds of kush in my garage
Got rid of that, so you know I’m tryna re-up
Baggies with the Vans, bi**h I gotta stay G’d up

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)

(Outro – YG)
I just slid out the bank, though
My theme song should be Lil Boosie Bankroll
Bankroll after bankroll
Big Crib in the shop for some stank hoes


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