Young Scooter ft. Young Thug – We Ready Lyrics

(Chorus – Young Thug)
We ready, we ready my ni**a
We ready, we ready my ni**a
We ready for war, we ready for war
We ready for war, we ready for war
We ready, we ready
We ready, we ready
We ready for war, we ready for war
Thug ready for war, street ready for war, war, war

(Verse 1 – Young Thug)
Street, ready for war, now roll up
Weed, cut this product, yeah with the chete
If the bi**h ain’t pretty she petty
Feed em all of the fish and get fatter
We back to back with the car like margielies
Bi**h, is you ready?, heeey
I can love
With these racks and this credit
Huh, I’m ready
Buy you the coupe on Sunday
Take her to movies on Monday
F*** a lil bi**h on this suede, aye
Diamonds or VVS
Fresh and clear out the place
Gold, no ace of spades
I’m ready on rap day

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Young Scooter)
SKs, AKs, blatt!, push a pu**y ni**a face back
Turn your head to spaghetti, we like decorating white tees
Scooter Montana, I told you ni**as don’t f**k with me
I got a check, but I ain’t up as I’m suppose to be
This real talk ni**a, I don’t rap no porch
I been jumped off my mama and my grandma porch
A hunnid choppas with a hunnid rounds, ni**a who want em?
I’m ready, is you ready? just don’t freeze up on me
Rich, that dope, my ni**as will drown out on me
It ain’t no movement in my kitchen, ain’t nothing but counting homie

(Repeat Chorus)