Kid Ink – Diamonds & Gold Remix feat Chris Brown, French Montana & Verse Simmonds Lyrics

(Chorus – Chris Brown)
Baby it’s nothing, if you need something
Know I’m good for it, I can put that on everything
Baby keep fronting, you could have it all right now
You know I’m good for it
I put you in diamonds and gold, oh oh
Put you in diamonds and gold, oh oh
Put you in diamonds and gold

(Verse 1 – Kid Ink)
Uh I put that on for momma
I’m the first one to put you in designer
Make you feel like a virgin, Prima Donna
Who that ni**a take a good girl and turn her to Rihanna?
Back then you ain’t never wanna do s**t
Now I got you sipping D’usse like it’s Kool-Aid
All around the world, LA to the UK
We be going up, Wednesday and the Tuesday
If first she wasn’t kin, now she get it ten
All she wanna talk about is cutting with the kids
I swear better have your shades, see my bi**h
Shining shining, call my baby VVS, I tell em

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Verse Simmons)
We can make love on the money in the mattress
She only go both ways if it’s a bad bi**h
I grip that ass and pull her closer, tell her gimme kiss
I get this stash and take her shopping, she get everything
Baby you could have it all, you deserve the mall
Bought her this to watch her take it off
Just to let em know you f**king with a boss
I’mma show you what you missing when you don’t
I put you in diamonds and pearls
I put you in diamonds and pearls
She wanna be the one that I want
She wanna be the one that I want, oh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – French Montana)
I buy you diamonds, I buy you diamonds and gold
That pu**y good, baby tell me how much I owe
9 lives, baby I want some more
Rip it off the rack baby, f**k how much it costs, I got it
All my bi**hes love designer
If she don’t like them shoes, they ain’t got no commas
Talking diamonds, talking diamonds and gold
Scooped her off the block and took her on the road
I took her to the island, introduce her to the pilot
She ain’t catching feelings while I’m in, pu**y ain’t ain’t got no mileage
And I ain’t lying, she give me hell and she know it
We be hopping out the jet then she be hopping out her clothes

(Repeat Chorus)

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