Munga – Steppingz Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Cause if a steppingz, a steppingz
Could a clarks or crep it
Bad man settings, no laugh and pet it
Actions do things, nuh talk and seh things
This a nuh race horse and meetings
Cause if a queffings, a queffings
A rass claat queffings
Wettings, a wettings, a rass claat wettings

Likkle bwoy a gwaan like seh dem naw hear hard
Box to dem ear temple

Ring in a dem ears like cellular phone
Wi ever have it wi nuh left it at home
If yo bad in a gang, you haffi bad paw yo own
If yo don’t know badness left it alone

This ring in a yo ears like cellular phone
Wi ever have it wi nuh left it at home
So nuh feel seh a zip when wi a step wi the chrome
And if you don’t know badness left it

(Verse 2)
Because when the war start and get bitter
Yo cyaa be no soft heart
Yo nuh fi gitta
Warrior nuh fi fall short
Nuh be no quicker
Cause this yah battlefield nuh have no baby sitter
Some likkle bwoy a talk, talk, but dem a lipper
So while dome bwoy a talk f–t am getting richer
Mi hustle and mi floss hard
But mi nuh flipper
So mi nuh care a rassclaat, hear this yah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Tell dem badness a no nothing nice
Wi nuh trouble, trouble, meck trouble double twice
Badman a fling grain, but a nuh no rice
Meck bright light put supn pon the ice
Medorest, Dovecot a no paradise
Man a get gun shot and a paralyze
Suh mi just a pree life and a analyze
Suh meck a bwoy don’t know weh mi realize

(Repeat Chorus 2X)