3 Star – Lost Dem Medz (Bounty Killer & Iyara Diss) Lyrics

Kingston-11, mi seh Kingston-11
Mi nuh care if dem angry and miserable
Rise every rifle, every mack-11
Wi lass dem sharp, and wi knife dem bebble

The bwoy dem lost the medz
A wa tek the likkle 40-leg
Him and him son waan diss Wild-Life
A wa do dem two clown deh?
Dem mussa waan fi dead

Rifle shot in a dem rass fish head
Best care rifle a part him head
Like how him love war and build bad vibes
Kill the pu**y hole quick
Nuh gi him a chance fi beg

(Verse 1)
All when him drop mi gun still a buss
Fi kill him is a must
Chigger full a play than the card dem weh him a pluck
Badness the fool nuh fi chuck
Waan come a seh him head mad
Wid gunshot mi full it up
Mi thing loud and fully buck
Pu**y try hold yo fool-fool son and cuww him up
Caw him a run off him mouth and beak
Mi circle dem and fire shot in a him mouth, not street

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi catch dem when dem tipsy
You nuh haffi ask mi how gyal a speak gypsy
When the pagans dem si Wild Life
Dem si death weh dem wish mi
The so call badman a bwaal is a history
Nuh you seh you a go dis mi
Shot meck him drop and kick like him have fits
Before him stiff, a mussi him name Fitsy
Come a tell mi bout him bad
Pu**y hole you couldn’t trick mi
Gully Gaad

(Repeat Chorus 2X)