Usain Bolt Drops $5,000 And Get A Handful Of Strippers In Miami

Usain Bolt ran fast but he also party hard. The Jamaican sprint legend was in Miami last weekend partying with the likes of Lil Wayne, Scottie Pippen and more.

Bolt was spotted at FDR nightclub dropping stacks on strippers. Sources said that the fastest man in history and his entourage dropped over $5,000 on strippers and he looked like he had a very good time spanking females on their rear.

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In the video below you can see the track star and his friends stuffing stacks of cash on one banging female dancing for them.

On Sunday night Usain Bolt was also spotted at LIV nightclub where Usain Bolt and Trick Daddy were celebrating their birthdays.

This is a photo showing the sports icon and the Young Money rapper partying together.

Usain Bolt and Lil Wayne

Bolt is currently enjoying some downtime after ending this track and field season on a high by taking gold in the 100 and 200 meters at the World Championship Games in China over the summer.


  1. Some a unu too bumboclaat badmind man. Unu need fi hop off adi man fender. The guy trained really hard to be where he’s at. It’s his money, therefore it shouldn’t be a problem to no man or woman as to how he goes about spending his hard earned cash. Stop being negative and let the man live his life the way he chooses. Stop being jealous please it’s not healthy ppl!

  2. cc aka gully side gad

    Leave di rass MaN alone afta it’s nt fi you lot money smh unno can tell ppl Hw nd weh fi do with dem muney

  3. at least he does things for his ppl as well, let him fulljoy his one little wild night

    • Aside from his wins, major headlines with him is always about some party. At first I thought it was badmind from people, but he need to take a chill pill and be a leader instead of a flosser.

      • Did it ever occur to you that he might be better at running than leading?

      • So you saying he is a waste man, what kind of person are you to run into millions and just living fast life knowing, your people suffering. He might as well run off a bridge..

      • But he’s not responsible for their suffering though. I’m sure a huge chunk of it has to do with people having kids they can’t mind. The dude isn’t a politician so people shouldn’t expect him to fix things. He’s not even obligated to do anything apart from count his money. It’s weird you guys think different.

      • Jamaicans love to floss and act new when they rush into wealth, I’m not shocked. He isn’t obligated, but as a man you setting an example. You seen Michael Jordan a strip club going crazy like a clown? Athletes are suppose to inspire and are the face of positive things, stop defending a clown. I expect him to use his international star power and bring in programs and awareness for the youth. Instead he open up some bar & grill.

      • Can you name another one besides MJ? But he isn’t obligated to do any of that. Are the Jamaican politicians asleep at the wheel? I guess the take away here is they can look to him for inspiration since he made it out.

      • Jestina (London, England)

        Indeed Tweley, Gatlin may be a cheat but he stays away from controversy. Look at Gay. They are clean living men who have their fun and go home to their sister wives and girlfriends. Even look at some of Usain’s peers in Jamaica. None of them are carrying on like Bolt, the man is utterly clueless. Where are his advisors? Where is his father to talk to him like a man. Or is everyone gonna sit back and grin teet’ until this man takes a mighty fall from grace like Mike Tyson. Because mark my words that is where I see him headed.

        By the way I agree, Track and Records is a dull place, great concept if the service was faster and better and it didn’t feel like TGIs inside. I can eat a jerk chicken wrap and sip a cocktail anywhere in Jamaica for cheaper and better.

      • Jestina (London, England)

        No one is telling him to become a politician or mine people pickney. We are saying be responsible. Try and make a difference. Get yourself in the news by being a responsible adult. So far we have had Sean Paul’s wife complain about his noisy partying. He has been outed as a man who walked out of a club without paying a £10k bar bill and NOW potentially looking at an assault charge for ‘hitting’ a WOMAN whilst she was working. Seriously, you think such behaviour is acceptable, really? What is it with us black people why we are willing to accept mediocrity everywhere we go whilst other races pass us by. It’s weird that YOU think otherwise.

      • I thought Sean Paul’s wife confessed to misidentification and retracted her statement? I don’t get to decide what behavior is ‘acceptable’ and neither do you. Who says I’m settling for mediocrity? I don’t see this spilling over on the field,do you? I think it has more to do with black people minding other people’s business than anything else. Black people (Caribbean)thinking they have the right to police people,and busy mulling over how others perceive them. Do you think he’s the first athlete to behave this way,seriously?

        Do you know for a fact that he was beaming with privilege when he didn’t pay his tab?

      • Jestina (London, England)

        If he is not obligated to give back to his community or his island, then he should remove his sports shirt when he enters the stadium. He is presented as Usain Bolt representing Jamaica, that is what the commentators say isn’t it? He has a duty at the very least to present himself as a responsible sportsman not a jiving idiot. In any event, he will probably take his money and leave JA once he retires. Isn’t that what the average Jamaican wants to do ? Live a fareign. He will probably return penniless when some pretty gold digger cleans him out in divorce.

      • None of your Jamaican public figures are obligated to do anything apart from take care of their family. They don’t owe you people a damn thing. He is where he is today due to his own skill, hard work, and determination. If the foreign commenters think U.B.(off the clock)is representing 2 million Jamaicans those people are idiots. If he leaves Jamaica, good for him the world is bigger than JA. He’s not obligated to find himself a ‘decent Jamaican woman’ he can date whoever he wants.

      • All public figures in sports get endorsements and those endorsements are due to their character. So you see a majority of athletes in any part of the world build up a image to sell to advertisers. Ronaldo is a great example of someone who is able to do what ever he wants but knows the importance of giving back to his people. He isn’t obligated but knows that there are people he needs to inspire and going to a strip club and being involved in scandals is pathetic. He can leave JA , but at the end of the day he wont because he wants to be a party God.

      • Jestina (London, England)

        Thank you which explains why as soon as Tiger Woods got himself into trouble the sponsors dropped him like a hot potato. Image is everything.

    • Jestina (London, England)

      One little wild night that could have ended in his arrest for assault. It is generally illegal to touch the girls in strip clubs,

      • Jestina with money anything possible in America. He crashed his car and almost lost his life, rampant partying at his house was forcing neighbors to complain. You can’t make this stuff up… talented athlete, not a role model.

      • Jestina (London, England)

        Yep, forgot about that, Tweley. And everyone was complaining that she was some uptown girl with a grudge. Usain really isn’t representing Jamaica right now, he is representing himself. He has already upset a raft of female London supporters by making out that they are ogres based on a bad experience he had with a kiss and tell athlete during the Olympics. He shouts out all the females in the entertainment industry from Rhianna to Cheryl Cole but not one of them shout back. Obviously he doesn’t call out Etana or Miss Kitty, why should he? He’s famous, earned the right to dump his beautiful Jamaican sisters. He is slowly turning into a cringing embarrassment. Where are his advisors and PR people.

      • Let him become the party God he always wanted, he is doing people a favor to see the light to how our people get when they touch money.

      • Jestina (London, England)


      • yup, thank God it didn’t, we can only hope that it doesn’t get blown out of proportion

      • Jestina (London, England)

        And we can only hope that some bad mine person doesn’t choose to spike his drink with a banned substance whilst he is partying and clubbing hard, because it would end his career in a heartbeat. Usain is a fool, he thinks the world loves him. He has no concept of what life really is. He is a simple country bwoy with no concept of the real world.

      • You understand that the both of them are out of place… dwl Let me know when they start cleansing the place because they think they know what’s best for people. We don’t know how he was raised so to reference his ‘home training’ is asinine. How do you even groom a person for this life?

      • dwl, i can only laugh and agree to disagree (because i dread the long talking) lol, I dnt have the energy. However, I agree with your POV though

  4. Jestina (London, England)

    My husband and I were saying the same thing. He is messy, undisciplined and all over the place. One encounter with a female British athlete who decided to kiss and tell and he is prepared to write off all London girls. For what? Because you spread yourself thin rather than find a decent Jamaican girl? . It’s evident he is pandering to the masses, anxious to be a part of everything before as Tweley says ‘he sells out’.

  5. This guy is simple as hell, he is turning out to be one of the biggest c**ns athletes that came from the island. Instead of using that 5k on Jamaican kids, he endorsing new ass shots for these strippers. He want to show off and be in the mix,on route to selling out.

    • Jestina (London, England)

      I totally agree with your comment, 100%

    • cc aka gully side gad

      Low di rass clat Man alone nuh s fi him blud money enno if him wah fi GI gal it anno fi him muney who sey him nuh help ppl kmt low di rass man a fi him muney just because him nah give u none stop hateing nd stop watch MaN yuh a batty bwoy kmt

      • He put his money on display to be watched, noticeably hanging from a strippers thong. A figure who represents Jamaica looking like a turn up clown. So sit down you simple too! Go back to your bleaching and henny sippin… that slack talk not going to win no arguments either.

      • Jestina (London, England)

        Again, I totally agree. He is the biggest Jamaican export since Bob Marley but he is turning into a clown. Let’s all sit back and watch this guy make a big mistake rather than call him out and warn him, shall we? Because that is the attitude of many of us, to turn a blind eye. Only a few weeks ago, he left a London nightclub and forgot to pay his 10k bar tab, having to go back the next day and apologise. He could have got the police knocking his door that very night, ready to arrest him. Onto the strip club, it is normally illegal to touch the girls especially in America. This girl could still file a lawsuit. How long before Usain accidentally has intimate relations with a 15 y o child who claims she is legal? He is treading on very thin ice.

      • Jestina (London, England)

        Huh? English please.

      • Isn’t he speaking (typing) in a Jamaican dialect? What’s the problem?

      • He is typing in slang like a fool.

      • You guys are the only islanders I’ve observed who love to scorn your own people. That language is yours. That dude probably didn’t get the memo that he was supposed to be communicating in standard English.?

      • Tbh he knows he just trying to put on a show. We need to keep scorning, our people need to wake up.

      • I was talking about cc aka gully side gad. I guess the (your)standard must be a bit lower for Americans. I’ve seen you judge people on their talent rather than their character.

      • Jestina (London, England)

        I was being facetious. I am aware of the Jamaican language and I am proud of its history and how it came to be. Its the fact that the guy was cursing like a sailor that I chose to make my comment. We are all making our point but none of us used filthy curse words. He can keep that in the gully. Even Tweley called him out for the gutter talk.