Foota Hype Talks Near Death Says Shape Shifters, Aliens And Demons Are Real

Foota Hype had a near death experience earlier this month after having a mini stroke.

The veteran sound system selector has also had a long battle with diabetes and is still not fully recovered from his stroke. The left side of his face is still not back to normal and his speech is a bit slurred.

Speaking with Anthony Miller of ER, Foota Hype says that the Rastafarian community has been telling the people that these things are real for decades now.

“The Rastafarians have been educating the nation and we are not listening, but these things are real, demons are real, angels are real, shape shifters are real,” Foota Hype said.

Hype also confirmed that his stroke was as a result of some extraterrestrial intervention.


  1. the TEACHA #GAZA SQUAD ???????

    The man say the things in Star Trek did real, is not a producer make it up

  2. its true, plus michael jackson already told us that we were not alone, theres all kinds of shape shifters already in plain view, ask nicki minaj and caitlyn jenner

  3. Stroke was because of karma of beating women to a pulp.