Foota Hype Suffers Stroke, Says Demons Attacked Him

Dancehall selector/producer Foota Hype has suffered a stroke. The famed selector was briefly hospitalized at the University Hospital of the West Indies on Wednesday night but was released two days later.

Hype says that he is happy to be alive because the situation could have been worse. The DJ was hosting his weekly Gallis Wednesday party in Kingston when he suffered the minor stroke.

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“Half of my face was numb. Whenever I was talking or so, I noticed that some words were not coming out properly. One side of my face just feel numb and twisted,” he said. “I am very grateful and thankful to God that I am not worse. I am still able to talk, still able to walk. I was in the hospital and saw a lot of persons who cannot talk, who cannot walk and they have the same illness as me.”

“There are angels here, there are demons here, there are people on the bright side and people on the dark side,” he continues. “I was in the middle of highlighting that and it was shortly after that, that I started feeling my lips get twisted to the other side.”

Foota Hype posted a photo on Instagram of himself leaving the hospital in a wheelchair.

He also posted a video letting his fans and well wishers know that he is doing okay.

“U know mi affi update mi ig family & friends on my situation all my limbs are working all organs are OK I Give God thanks at all times,” Foota said.


  1. Can’t have one foot in heaven and the other in hell.

  2. You beat women so the demons are on you, karma.

  3. bwoy foota u inna we prayers chargie