Wiz Khalifa – King Of Everything Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Wake up in the morning, grab my trees and I get to it
Young ni**a, I do my own thing so let me do it
If you wanna know a thing about me, I’m bout my paper
F**k a bi**h, soon as my iPhone ring I see you later
Hop on in the Chevy, grab my keys and then I’m outtie
First thing, If it’s bout that cheese, then I’m about it
I be stacking up, got no time for ni**as hating
Low we backing up, keep that clean and watch some Daytons
Cruising down the street, hear my car before it’s coming
F**k the police, windows down, I’m smoking something
And my bi**h bad, she gon ride If s**t get crazy
Goons messed up, they gon slide you try to play me
Since a young ni**a, kept that pack up in the telly
Since a young ni**a, been had tats like Makaveli
Shoot for fun ni**a
My ni**as bust, you better run ni**a
King of f**king everything

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Young rich ni**a, smoking weed when I wanna [4X]

(Verse 2)
When I touch down, have that pack, you f**king with me
F**k the bi**h once, she talking about she love with me
Let her smoke weed, drink champagne, do drugs with me
We go out of town, dinner at
What you ni**as think, got more bank than
Smoking weed with some bi**hes in the club who don’t drink
Talking about they get money, they got expensive taste
So I put it in her mouth and sent em both on their way
I’ll be there for one night, don’t give a f**k if I stay
Spent a couple hundred thousand in a couple of days
Smoke a pound in my suite and then come up with a plate
Bi**h came over to my crib and had a comfortable stay
She feeling my car, she feeling my chain
She think I’m a star, I’m feeling the same
I take her abroad, I f**k her insane
I’m switching up broads, I’m killing the game
Long range
King of f***ing everything

(Repeat Chorus)