Iyara – Send Dem Come Lyrics

Mi gun match mi ten point random
Big black and ugly, nuh handsome
And it wi wave like a bus you a fan down
Turn bwoy in a duppy bat fanthum
Who you a try scared wid a one gun
Grandma, warn yo one grand son
Mi naw but him up, gunshot a f–k him up
Dash we like a use condom

(Verse 1)
Real gangsta nuh yip, wi nuh yap, wi nuh flip, wi nuh flap
Swift wid the clock, wi nuh miss when it clap
Head shot yo get, not in a foot fi yo hop
Bwoy drop a ground budoduf, bududof
Dis one o clock, you a dead one o clock
News a go have 7 man 10 o clock
Family a run weh the kids dem a pack
Bolt and you nuh deh pon the track

Man a run wid him chest full a shot and a gap
Fam down a car wid the light pon the top
Rifle a clap suh dem don’t bother stop
Mi a press pon the chigger, dem a step pon the gas
Shot a bite like apple a nuh mack mi a mack
Full a bullet wid a cheese pon a shot
A murder, kill off everything pon the block
Any weh the bwoy dem deh

Deh yah ready fi the war meck it start
Unuh send dem come
Mi alone shell dem down

Tell dem go fi gun
Go fi vehicle
Send dem come
Mi alone shell dem down

Any bwoy violate a yo life a go pay
Mi prole wid the eagle, the K middle day

If a war unuh waan, unuh send dem come
Mi alone shell dem down

(Verse 2)
Shot a drive in, dem a drive out
Every talking stop, every eyes out
Enemies a look somewhere fi hide out
Wall dem a chuck over when the thing rise out
Tek dem deh, tek dem deh
Kem in a yo neck dem deh
Tell mister laden seh fi tek dem weh
Caw john crow wi dweet if you left dem deh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 2)

(Repeat Chorus)