Vybz Kartel – Chain [New Music]

Dancehall heavy weight star Vybz Kartel dropped new track which could or could not be aiming at the vendetta DJ Alkaline. The track is entitled “Chain,” & produced by Adidjahiem Records. Withing the second verse the dancehall heavy weight star says..

Him seh him a go run DANCEHALL
And badder than teacher, faith him a waste
You have a house and live in a mi style
Come out a mi yard and go pay fi a place

Vybz Kartel – Chain Lyrics

Listen full track below.


  1. i dnt think kartel is warring with alka, kartel stopped warring after killa and said him nah give anybody else the time of day to use that strength. everybody know seh kartel couldnt care less about this yute and him nuh watch ppl, it was always the other way around. personally i dnt think its a diss, he hasnt even acknowledged alka’s existence much less fi a war wid baby