Demarco – Destiny Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Don’t wanna be a memory
Or what we use to be
Nothing beats the feeling
When your lying next to me
Destination to your heart
I swear I wanna be
Girl am so addicted
And I swear I’ll never leave

Baby your my melody
Please play that song for me
Baby your my special meaning
Girl your my destiny

(Verse 2)
None a dem nuh waan fi si me and you deh
Nuff a dem nuh waan fi si wi happy yeah
Go tell the whole a dem seh wa nuh dead nuh dash it weh
Dem fi go mind dem business, the whole a dem fi go weh
Wa talk dem a talk mi nuh hear wa dem a seh
A far wi a come from this a nuh yesterday
Dem carry go bring come yah nuh necessary
Caw mi baby naw gi it away
Caw mi baby naw gi it away

Pictures on the wall should show
I am never letting go
We got something special so
Lets make love forever more

Dash weh the bed meck wi use the floor
Sound like a line weh mi use before
Shi love da style deh mi use fi sure
Shi open up like mi use the door

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)