Tommy Lee Sparta Cut Ties With Manager Heavy D

Tommy Lee Sparta has severed ties with his manager Heavy D. The news have been circulating since yesterday that Heavy dropped the deejay and is now longer handling his management or bookings.

The dancehall deejay is making it clear that he does not work for Heavy D and it is the other way around.

“Me hear everybody saying that Heavy D drop Tommy Lee the other day,” the deejay said. “First thing Tommy Lee don’t work for Heavy D, I don’t sign to Heavy D so Heavy D can’t drop Tommy Lee. Heavy D work for Tommy Lee.”

Tommy Lee Sparta responding to Heavy D split reports. #tommyleesparta #dancehall

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The dancehall hitmaker is making it clear that he is a free agent and is not signed to any label.

“Tommy lee never sigh to no label in dance hall tommy lee is a free soul in dance hall,” he wrote on IG.

Heavy’s people are telling us that the split is mutual and that there is no bad blood between them. That is the same MO because folks are saying that it is because of the “Uncle Demon” deejay’s numerous legal troubles why his former manager parted ways with him.


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