Munga – Whine Up Har Self Lyrics

Hilltop when big turn play
Gyal a wine up are self
Gyal a wine up are self
When liquor buss in a are head shi a rock so like shi waan help
Gyal a wine up are self
Gyal a wine up are self
Gyal a get wild like shi drink everything weh deh pon the top shelf

(Verse 1)
Well if yo waan supn fi kotch pon
Kotch pon this
Supn fi rock pon
Rock pon this
If yo man is a watch man, gyal watch this
Put him pon the pu–y watch man list
Touch yo toe and brace back pon this
No talking gyal a action this
Sip yo juice and burn yo high grade spliff
Selector play tune meck shi wine up are self

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Baby a who trouble you
How you a bubble so?
Wooy, bend up in a S and in a W
Love how yo dash it round deh so then yo turn it so
Waan gi yo house and car and money to
Dragon, hold on man
Money wi a spend, gyal a spar wid friends
And the whole a them want a man fi hold on pon
Ice cold just draw one

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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