Jeezy – Church In These Streets Lyrics

Oh man, you know what this sh*t is my ni**a
I’d be lying to you if I wasn’t telling you the truth
You know? I just call it how I see it my ni**a
Everybody gather you know what I’m sayin?
I got somethinG to say Yeah
Church off in these streets my ni**a
Put in the good word, Pastor Young, amen, amen

Put my street disciples, church off in these streets
Call my congregation, church off in these streets
Call me Pastor Young, I came to spread the word
Spread the word like my partner spray them birds
If you getting how you living, just say hallelujah
If you out here and you popping, busta have your shooter
I said and I meant it so you know indeed
I came to spread the word, church off in these streets

(Verse 1)
Heard he took a unit, broke it down to singles
One by one just like them b**ches Pringles
Heard he lost it all and then he got it back
Them folks a….that’s why I got a tax
I’m in this bi**h, I’m feeling like a million dollars
Okay I’m lounging….show a million dollars
The first around the corner got a ni**a stressed
Just hope he send a blessing in my direction, ay

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
My ni**a got a plug and then he got indicted
Saw him in that foreign thing then got excited
Graduated from the streets and I ain’t had a tutor
If you see another day then just say hallelujah
Ain’t no f**king secret, know I came from nothing
Told myself that I’mma go and grind for something
Hustle cause I gotta splurge when I can
Just know that you looking at a God fearing man

(Repeat Chorus)