Christina Milian ft. Lil Wayne – Do It Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Christina Milian)
This may be wrong
I’m well aware I’m turning you on
Even though I’m not trying
Baby you know I’m lying

(Pre Chorus – Christina Milian)
Cause I got these heels on, this dress on
You can take them off, way too throwed
This right here, sh*t too grown

(Chorus) Christina Milian)
Like that, that, that, that
See I’mma tell you like this
Baby I don’t usually do this, no
Usually a virtuous woman
Now we don’t even know what we doing
But I’mma go ahead and do it
Do it, do it
Just have fun
Do it, do it
Just go dumb

(Verse 2 – Christina Milian)
Used to be afraid of them boys like you
That’s because I know what type of things you do, done
Know it’s hard out here for a G like you
Crazy as it sounds, that’s why I like you

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)

(Bridge – Christina Milian)
The bridge
Nights like this I wish
On a night like this I wish sometimes, sometimes
Nights like this I wish
I wish, Tunechi

(Verse 3 – Lil Wayne)
Mula baby
Now Lord, I don’t know what she doing
But I know she know what she be doing
So with that said, I’mma keep doing
Just what the f**k I be doing
I’m grown, I’m in that pu**y like honey I’m home
You need a rockstar, and baby I’m stoned
We going up like the f**king Dow Jones
She said she ain’t had no good d**k lately
Well it’s your luck today, treat me like Vegas
She say she don’t usually do this, she a lady
And then we made love, ni**a, we made it
She got them sweet soft lips, she lick em
Her kisses get returned to sender
She got that liquor in her system
And I’m about to be her victim, yeah

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)

(Outro – Lil Wayne)
She got that liquor in her system
Somebody bout to be her victim
Do it to me
Mula baby