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Young Thug – My Baby [New Music]

Here’s a new track by Young Thug entitled “My Baby.”

Okay lil mama sharp with a razor
Okay lil mama fresher than a blazer
No way, I cannot f**k it in the anus
Hey yeah, baby we get kurt, no Angle
And I got stripes like a bengal
And I can send em from every angle
Holy ghost with an angel
Holy moly my lingo
I’ma stand up right beside my baby
If a pu**y ni**a play he might get dropped by my baby
Shoulda never tried my baby
No heat no, now we multiply, my baby
Hurry up inside of my baby
It’s simple deciding that they’re lying, my baby
Hop it up and ride with my baby
New Rollie for my child and my baby

Young Thug – My Baby Lyrics

Listen full track below.

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