Young Thug – My Baby Lyrics

Okay lil mama sharp with a razor
Okay lil mama fresher than a blazer
No way, I cannot f**k it in the anus
Hey yeah, baby we get kurt, no Angle
And I got stripes like a bengal
And I can send em from every angle
Holy ghost with an angel
Holy moly my lingo
I’ma stand up right beside my baby
If a pu**y ni**a play he might get dropped by my baby
Shoulda never tried my baby
No heat no, now we multiply, my baby
Hurry up inside of my baby
It’s simple deciding that they’re lying, my baby
Hop it up and ride with my baby
New Rollie for my child and my baby

(Verse 1
Like you always wanted
Thugger, baby I want your top, head
My diamonds are going dumb, spit
Inside your mouth like gum
Experiment, got credents on a bi**h
I’ll buy her mink, not trench, I’m a pimp
Big racks got me walking with a limp
Buying Rollies on Rollies like I’m Flavor Flavor’s shrimp
Versace cover, roll that bi**h up like some weed
She want that like an
I got more than a Captain D’s
Baby don’t pull it out of your teeth
We go shopping in Bahamas for the beach
Take off in car but I need orders for me
And I’ma beat that pu**y, concrete
Like a mothaf**king street
I’ma feed her my milk
Every time I feel tired, I need three hoes like a help
You’re a ho, ho, ho, don’t care I’ma keep it all to myself
Tie my ties on your belt
I heard someone’s walked in and said

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Eli Manning, Peyton Manning throwing d**k in that hole
She told me that she love the way I dress, like a person I’m a boy
I made the chart
And like Wayne, baby it’s all at the start
Girl I’m just starting with that pu**y
You’ll have me slide in when you’re looking
Big ole round booty soft as cushion
Stop talking, pu**y ni**a, you a wussy
He might be booking
Spraying my cologne now we smell just like some cookies
And if you s**k that d**k, don’t my….or else I’ll mush it
Got a room full of big booty bi**hes, it’s my prime
I throw some ones, baby catch it like the swine
I fill my truck up with nothing but that diesel
I let that MAC 95 rain just like a Bieber
Y’all living cheaper, ni**a this the sequel
I’m laughing at these pu**y ni**as like a hyena

(Repeat Chorus)