Angel Haze – The Woods Lyrics

I mean, yeah, I really miss being at home in the woods
I used to, like, like, f**king lay there and just like pass out in nature
Just being with the wild, there’s like mad animals there, f**king foxes
Like deers and the wolves, and like, just the creatures
You know, that belong with the trees and belong with the peace and I-
I swear to God, literally that was the only time in my life that I felt like I belonged anywhere
I’m like, you know, I just, I want to go back, I miss, I miss being, I miss being home

(Verse 1)
It’s hard when you’re grieving
I was too young when you left me alone
I never cried for you even
When I skinned my knees all the way to the bone

Cause we’re both made from scars
We can’t change what we are

It was a dream, I was wishing
Here in the world, in a tangle, I find
Always said it would break me
But I thought if you lived then I could be fine

But we’ve both run so far
That we can love where we are

(I can’t love you)
Back to the woods now, I’m going back to the woods, back
My heart is no good here, heart
Oh, it don’t work like it should, was raised by the wolves
Back to the woods now, I’m going back to the woods, back
My heart is no good here, heart
Oh, it don’t work like it should, raised by the wolves

(Post Chorus)
It’s a long way I came, I came
Just running with no pain
I’m so far from home
I don’t wanna be alone

(Verse 2)
I never ask you to save me
Just don’t say that you
I wasn’t trying to desert you, no
I was corrupted and with the change

You weren’t supposed to break from me
But you’re wrong, that I could see

But you keep trying to break me
Cause you could see, is that I’m trapped in my mind
Now I’m full of the feeling
That I’ll never know love that is mine

It took two to make a wrong
We never had to be alone

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Back to the woods
I’m gone for good
I remember
Spending my nights on the floor by the kitchen
While he slept in the room with his wife and his children
That shame for you, mama
Pain for you, mama
See, that’s what I wish I could change for you, mama
But I was so young
I couldn’t fix the sh*t
You were too close to your son like you Icarus
Just sit’n outside, I got lucky to witness it
Love was replaced by how much I resented it
Now I’m so scared to connect with my heart, man
Feel like I touch it, it all fall apart man
I wish you never see/saw? that I could
That one day you find me again in the woods

The sun is
I think sometimes even the moon and the trees and the wind all cry for help
Because this world is too big even for itself
Everything is lonely, like everybody else
For real, man, for real
And I and I just
For one day, I just wanna-
I wanna hop out of the cocoon and just fly
Just fly, you know, just fly