Angel Haze – On Fire Lyrics

Oh yeah, somebody take it away from me
Oh yeah, baby don’t take away from me
Oh yeah, crawling it’s way through me
Oh yeah, darkness is here to stay for me

(Verse 1)
There’s a lot of s**t I’ve been waiting to hear, from you
Like what, you tell me what the f**k I’m here to do
And enough of this s**t, there’s a lot on my mind
Let this carry away, spine
I’m too far in my faith to rely in a God
I’m too far from my brain, I’m too out of on my mind
I’ve just seen a ni**a get his s**t not back, for real
I’ve just seen a ni**a when his fist got back
And his bi**h out back, til that s**t got crack
And there’s blood on the floor
And no ni**as ignored that the blood in the
Backs to the facts we just chose to ignore
I’m not giving myself, what the f**k is this for, man
Man, I swear to God I almost lost my mind, for real
I left with all the pieces I could find

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
It’s stuck now I saw it, it’s stuck in my mind
Now I saw that I love it, the same f**king time
And the rush that be with the pressure that climbs
Left me broken in places to get with it fine
Ni**a my brain is a cave, is a place with a beast
Where I’m better than late
Man, it’s a wrap I’ll be lacked in my rates
Like a, like a rat in a trap or a cage
Yo, blacked, they get tracked on a page
In reality comes like slap to the face
Cause I’m dying to be, man, I’m dying to stay
While I’m finally free while I’m flying away
Go to a bottom, go to a bottom

Now you got dirt on a seat, not expected to OMG
Man, we come from the dirt
Ain’t no shining, just in photos
I don’t wanna live a life on fire
And nothing to show for
If suffering makes a God, then let me know more of