Rihanna Blocked Loyal Twitter Fans For Trashing Her BF Travis Scott

Rihanna has unfollowed and blocked some of her loyal fans on Twitter for bashing her new boyfriend Travis Scott. Some of her fans, code name Navy, went as far as suggesting that the rapper is ugly.

The “American Oxygen” singer has been getting some serious trashing on social media from her fans since news surfaced that she and Scott are dating.

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Sources close to the Roc Nation singer told Urban Islandz that she did in fact hit the unfollow button because she was tired of the harassment from some of her fans.

“These lame as so called fans were getting too boisterous and calling her names and dissing Travis Scott for no reason,” sources said. “They have no idea what they are talking about and have no respect for people, they should just mind their own business and let other people live their life.”