Chino & Denyque – What Got To Do With Anything Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Right now mi nu sure weh fi call this
Shi seh mi a number one pon fi her list
Shi know mi have mi woman
And shi have her man
Still shi want this regardless
Member wi never meck no promise
And girl I know it sound kinda heartless
Suh when L.O.V.E. come from fi Her lips
Mi tell her this

What about love
It’s just another pain to

What about love
What’s about you dude that makes me dream

What about love
It’s just another word he say

What about love
What love got to do, got to do

(Verse 2)
A beg you fall out fo love as fast as you can
I know it si a hard decision
Bet fi me fi play the roll the part as yo man
No that wasn’t part of the plan
Yo tell mi yo last man deh do garden
Now yo waan mi come in come water the land
Yo tell mi wi would a meck pretty babies
No a likkle son yo waan
Yo waan offer mi one

Bwoy yo sound kinda heartless
But you right where we never made a promise
Guess you just been honest
When you say

(Repeat Chorus)

We got a good thing going on, me and you
Me and you
We got a good thing going on, me and you

(Repeat Chorus)