Mac Miller – Clubhouse Lyrics

Real s**t, new s**t
Yeah I done been through it all
Every brick in the wall
Got a bi**h I’mma call when I’m tryna f**k
You ain’t s**t to the God, need to get you a job
Cause you live in the mall bills pile up
I’mma chill in the spot, with a spliff I been lifted a lot
But I’m still not high enough
All the mills that I got, couple whips in the lot
If there’s a list to the top you could sign me up
Yeah, sign me up
Sign me up
Can’t bring me down
Sign me up
Can’t burn me up can’t bring me up

(Verse 1)
Yeah, above ground about thirty thousand miles up
Told the bi**h slow down like dial-up
Go down first and she climbing up
Wanna let me cut, tell her line it up
Little bit much, I’m a wild one
All I do is f**k hoes, drink tiger blood
Ever since I came in the game they been sour
I’m the plug, get your motherf**king power up
Mind your business, you in my office
And I go get it, I need all it
I stay lifted, smoking, sipping
Fixes fixing all my problems

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I was a nobody, now my name’s on the list
Couple keys of uncut cocaine on her wrist
And I let my nuts hang on a bi**h
The money that we spend on champagne is ridiculous
And it is us, elixir in my cup
These bi**hes want a d**k to s**k
And I don’t see why these kids wanna grow up to be just like me
I was a nobody, now my name in they mouth
Came for a steak but I left with the cow
And they hate when you right though
Ain’t s**t change but my checking account
Mac Milly

(Repeat Chorus)