Bounty Killer – Badman Lyrics

The K sweep by day
Dem weep by night
Anything in a mi sight reach a bright light
Fi kill dem fi spite you know wi feel like
50 Caliber guns a that a my type

Badman dominate you
Supplegen could a never staminate you
Don’t try f**k around ANG
Cause bright light in a mi nature
Gunshot a fi mi treat
Under the dirt it a send you straight through
Don’t try f**k around
Cause you nuh waan wi examination you

(Verse 1)
Shot a fly through when mi drive through
Weh the mack-11 bullet weh a 7.2
All a mi friend dem a killer
None a dem nuh coward
No breadfruit no in a my dinner
Gun deh yah fi the claffy
Any bwoy weh a try screw
You si the fassy dem weh deh beside you
If mi hold dem head a buss up in a five two
Everything a dead, nobody naw survive through
Cause gunshot evacuate you
Lodge in a yo brain and eradicate you
Don’t try f**k around West Kingston

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Squeeze up the chigger
Same how mi squeeze up Tiffany
Head open up like Jelly
Do nuh ask if a mi
Copper in a mouth taste bitterly
Gun in a mi hand it naw drop
This nuh butter, it nuh slippery
Circle Tivoly
Berita the CX4 from Italy
Bruck brone quickly
Wi escape quickly

(Repeat Chorus)


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