The Game Threatens Chris Brown Friend For Vandalizing His Car

The Game is threatening to knock out one of Chris Brown’s friends on sight.

It is unclear what started the beef but seems Game is blaming a man known on Instagram as Wackstar for vandalizing his car last weekend. But it doesn’t end their because the “Compton” rapper is saying that star is responsible for the recent robbery at Chris Brown’s house where his aunt was tied up.

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“Tell these fans who really had Chris brown auntie tied up & his house broke in you p***y a*s fa***t,” the Documentary rapper said. “When I see you I’m gone break yo f**kin jaw… So have yo gun on you pu**sy.”

Wackstar didn’t moved by The Game threats because he shot back saying that the rap star wouldn’t hurt a fly.

The back and forth continues with Game commenting on a video that star posted on Instagram.

“Keep Throwing subliminals ni**a… We both know when it’s ME vs. YOU who gone come out on top punk… I Still owe you one for that sh** you pulled… We both know yo time coming blood,” he wrote.

“Now gone call who you gone call and tell who you gine tell… That ain’t gone stop me from knocking your a*s out when I see you #YouKnowMe,” Game added.

Yesterday, Chris Brown went at the “My Life” rapper for liking several of his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran photos.

This entire beef seems like a publicity stunt since both The Game and Chris Brown dropping albums this fall.