Rick Ross – Geechi Liberace Lyrics

Geechi Liberace, rings on every finger
In the south with the AC set at 69 at all times

(Verse 1)
I fell asleep with the rollie on
A young Michael Corleone
Custom made suits and designer shoes
Takes two hours to go through my shoes
Ex slave proud feel ni**a
Next Trayvon Martin, Emmitt Till ni**a
My nappy hair who say that life is fair
My family mean the world although I’m never there
These days nothing makes sense
Sad seeing all these G’s on this fake sh*t
Text a ni**a phone avoiding my calls
Only thing you got is your word and your balls
Get up on my level you say you a boss
Everybody seen it we know that you’re soft
Heard you went and got a lawyer you ni**as is lost
If they say I’m not the biggest you tell them they false
I’m out in Vegas and I’m tricking off
Out in L.A. freeway Ricky Ross
Testified on over forty dudes
I seen the documents I’m who he wanna sue
He testifies for a state allowance
Then does a blog like your favorite coward
Down to roll, I might enroll and graduate from Howard
I love to roll and marinate just enjoy the sour
Or another hooligan at U of M
Bi**hes on the honor roll I need me two of them
When it comes to chicks I need a few of them
Had a set of twins now I got me two of them

Sit the marbles statues on the glass floors
Glass slippers no cracks for the task force
Every mil I count my momma screaming yes lord
Geeci ring on every finger at the chess board

(Verse 2)
I fell asleep half naked
I woke up to a sexy jamaican
Penthouse suite fifty ninth floor
The other fifty eight were totally vacant
True wealth, in seek of this true wealth
True wealth, in seek of this true wealth
I once made love to a princess
For security reasons lets call her impress
I’m well groomed ready for the throne
I learned them panty wars can take a toll
Holy ghost reading through the book of Job
Overdose plead for my pot of gold
Smoking dope just hoping that I don’t explode
Try to open up my mind I got a hundred hoes
Brain, all I want is the brain
Imma give my son the game, tell him stay away from fame
I’m just tryna be a better boy
Every year they say I’m selling more
Look at the bi**hes that you settle for
This the yacht club leave them on the paddle board
True G, geeci liberace
In the three piece suede black versace
We could take over the world
We could take over the world

(Repeat Chorus)