Jah Vinci – Only Jah Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Member when mi use to chop cane
In a the shackles and chain
I had a dream that one day
Martin Luther get the dream so why wi naw change?
Now a days mi si black a kill black
Like dem turn it into a game
Look how wi use to hide in a cave because wi nuh waan fi be no slave
Wi kill wi brother now, a when wi get suh brave?

Oh, we rise and we fallen
And we smile to reach for the star
Cause only Jah can change us
We bold and courageous
And Jah love will change us all

(Verse 2)
Jah is wi king caw
Rock of ages
Dem nuh care bout the woman and the babies
Jah send me an guardian angel
When dem a kill dem nuh care what the age is
But I put my trust in Jah, Jah
Above that man there ain’t no other
And I know him as the almighty father
You can kill but you cant kill the creator
Pagans a fight, pagans a fight
Dem nuh see that tears in our eyes

(Repeat Chorus)