Young Thug – Stunna Lyrics

I’m a f**king stunna
Ass big, Hummer
Birds, Alge Crumpler
Big B, stung her
Slime, anaconda
I became a problem
Roll OG kush, fungus
Know me well, wonder
Pull up on a pu**y ni**a any second
Young Thugga thugging, pu**y, Makaveli
Left pocket lettuce, right pocket relish
17-5, baby, sell it, Thugga

(Verse 1)
Hop inside the coupe and drop the roof
Cause I’m the mothaf**king man, you dig?
Mama give me head, nut on her brain
And then I bought the bi**h a brand new whip
I’ma pour up mud and now I’m living like a pig
Signed so many deals I think I got the best sig
I can write, I can write
Hear no evil, I see no evil
I ain’t kin to Wayne
But I called the bi**h and now she my mamacita
Big diamonds on me, mothaf**kas looking like peoples
Don’t let the fish eye fool you, bi**h this a peephole
Play with my head, I’ll bust your watermelon
Pink, I’m moving slower than a caterpillar
I got a hundred thousand hoes, tryna get a million
I got a hundred thousand coupes and I don’t keep the ceiling
I’m almost at the finish and you ni**as still beginning
I got more money than Martin so I pour up more Remy
I just got back from Jimmy Fallon, me and T.I.P. sipping
Four fours, tryna rob, oh no

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
17-5, all my nigg**as, they gon ride
Come play on my side, I’m a earthling in disguise
With a foreign body, diamonds wet with no wires
Screw that bi**h with no pliers
No charger, pu**y, die
Living like a mob boss, pu**y ni**a no I won’t play
Ni**a can’t stand in front of me
I got my ice on, bi**h ain’t nothing fugazi
Vintage swag, ni**a, no 80s
And I don’t speak Creole
But them ni**as, they gon look out every time I’m in Haiti
I got more money than you and you and you and you and you too
I ain’t even cripping but I got a mothaf**king clue in this blue
Damn, and I want you to guess, ni**a
But if you’re wrong, you gon get the rest, ni**a
I’ma put a lot of metal in his chest just like a vest, ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)