Rick Ross ft. Future Take Advantage Lyrics

(Chorus – Future)
This is the feeling of a lifetime
That I won’t never get back
Aye this the feeling of a lifetime
You can’t ever get back
So I’ma take advantage
I’m not tryna be mannish
I would never take it for granted
But while you’re all over me

(Verse 1 – Future)
Since we hugging we might as well gon kiss
Since we talking we might as well reminisce
Since we kissing we might as well gon f**k
Since I’m f**king you, might as well gon and eat it
Since I bought a Rollie I might as well flood it
Since we spending some times you might as well s**k it
I can’t hold your hand now, I’m counting money
I get money just to stand around, it’s hard, trust me
Different bi**hes in different cities, but it’s cool
I’ma keep it pimping with you and blow some doja
We gon eat prime on 12 down on Ocean
Ocean Drive in Miami, that’s the way we flexing
Come with me and stay the night and you won’t regret it
Dinner dates, what I do for you is all brand new to me
I’m going to court, my baby mama trying suing me
And I’m tryna take it off my mind, with you

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Rick Ross)
Every time we step out, she keeps me on baller alert
Gotta have tickets just to see these young ballers at work
All I got is my word and rosaries under my shirt
Give you my last, it’s not a question, I know what you’re worth
Blew me kisses through the window in fed, county jail
Three kidnapping charges, DA denied me my bail
Two million in cash, the property totaled for six
No bonds were needed, I got papis, they’re holding my chips
These labels be fake, Atlantic a lake
Want you well and run dry, but these levees’ll break
But I’m going for broke, so far from me selling my soul
Decorating my home with statues of gold

(Repeat Chorus)