Meek Mill – Preach Freestyle Lyrics

(Intro – Meek Mill)
Countless money
Countless money, countless money, countless money
Countless money
Countless money, countless money, countless money

(Verse 1 – Meek Mill)
I don’t f**k with these bi**hes cause they sheisty
I think she f**king, she could never be my wifey
It be the brokest bi**hes acting like they pricey
I talk that money these broke ni**as never liked me
Look at the flick of the wrist, I put the d**k in your bi**h
Whipping and cooking bricks, thought we was cooking the girts
Selling the fish and bending them corners
I do whatever I wanna
I f**k whatever I wanna
Remember them times they never was on us
I got bodies, I got bodies
She ain’t down, I bet I f**k
Legend to these basic bi**hes, basic hoes I never touch
Tell them bi**hes back back out the VIP don’t let them know
It don’t matter if it’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday bet I crush
You be liking all her pictures, I hit that ain’t never bust
Used to pray get that pu**y, I got that and never cuffed
She got mad I hit her friend
I don’t argue, let her fuss
It ain’t s**t to cut that bi**h off and move on to better stuff
I got different color Balenciagas
I switch kicks like Mr. Rogers
Bi**h better have my money, don’t give a f**k if it was 50 dollars
Hit the club
With 50 cowards
I hit the club, we all strapped
Just four ni**as that get them dollars like hey

(Repeat Intro)

(Chorus – Young Dolph)
Keep it real with your dawg no matter what…Preach
Same bi**h that claim she love you she’ll set you up…Preach
Out here in these streets it ain’t no such thing as love…Preach
The only thing I trust is this pistol and these slugs…Preach
Real ni**a s**t, only what I do and speak, if that ni**a don’t work, he a f**king leech…Preach
I ain’t got s**t for a ni**a, ain’t nothing in this muthaf**king world free…Preach

(Verse 2 – Young Dolph)
Zay got the muthaf**king bass thumping, Dolph got the muthaf**king trap jumping
Doors to the trap open, I’ll sell you something
Hell nah, don’t ask, I ain’t frontin nothing
I f**ked yo bi**h then told her, I’ll see you around
Dolph just skipped town with 2 hunnit thou
Dolph just poured an 8 in a two liter pop
They say Dolph addicted to these streets just like his pops
Addicted to hustling, I can’t stop, can’t stop
Won’t stop won’t stop, can’t stop
Never hear me complaining bout what I ain’t got
Cause if I want it, I’ma go get it
Free my ni**a Yo Diddy
Got Paper Route tatted on yo ho titty
Same ni**a you getting high with he really yo enemy
Everyday ni**as cross they patnas out for Benjamins

(Repeat Chorus)