Rick Ross – Money Dance ft. The-Dream Lyrics

Ma, hey give me a black bottle
I can’t dance good but I’mma dance tonight, you hear me?
Baby just don’t step on my feet, ni**a toes hurting
Uh, uh

(Verse 1 – Rick Ross)
Funny to see a ghetto ni**a so classy
Enchanted by women who speak nasty
Tip toeing to court, went there for the past week
Leaning on my lawyer pinky looking glassy
Charges dropped, these plaintiffs just wanna tax me
Secret service wanna see me driving taxis
Hug my attorney and then we do the money dance
Whitey Bulge’ your horse, soldier leaving Vietnam
Pledge allegiance to the flag
Where we keep it 100 and get your money back
Pull a plug, brain dead, dope game ni**a
Knew the rolls was fake and so we brought the real with us
Repertoire hustle such a tenacity
High roller, bet us another masterpiece
More Rakim then maybe Master P
Crazy ni**a paid in full I’m tryna buy the beach

(Bridge – Rick Ross)
Caution, I’ll approach you with a business mind
Slight two step as I check the time
Rub my hands when my palms itch
50 in the bank diamonds looking flawless
This the sway of a rich ni**a
Praying for the day my ni**a seeing 6 figures
Black bottles popping when I’m on the turf
Two private Jets what this ni**a’s worth

(Chorus – The-Dream)
No girl under ten
No whip under a hundred grand
Oh yeah, oh yeah
Man I make this money dance
I criss cross, she sun tans
Propellers out the window over our lands
Where I land
Girl we make that money dance

(Verse 2 – Rick Ross)
Top Forbes, poor formal education
Top floors, cop rooms on reservations
Gold in my grave, half a ticket in my coupe
Ex cheerleader flipping now this ni**a truth
Money piles have got me out on Sunny Ave
Black with me everywhere I go he’ll gun you down
Full clips, magazines yeah the Forbes list
If this all for nickle recount it, it’s bulls**t
But when they right we do the money dance
Fly ni**a my ni**a Randall Cunningham
When she hear the slang then she know the name
Italian coupes for the suits I spend it on the chain
Pool so long we should take a swim
I like that ass fat, I can spread it thin
I wanna see your friends come do the money dance
Black bottle boys, we got these b**ches holding hands

(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Interlude – The Dream & Rick Ross)
Dance, dance, dance, dance
Dance, dance, dance
Come on y’all yeah you know we got it
Dance, dance, dance, dance
Dance, dance, dance, dance
Uh, I feel wonderful, how about yourself?
You rolling with the real ni**as you know we got it

(Verse 3 – Rick Ross)
As the world turn and the weed twist
Flew a hundred ni**as to Veil on a ski trip
Put away the dope we can see the slopes
We built this s**t together why it mean the most
Head on collision somehow I walk away
Give you music for free recouping with the yay
You’re rocking with the bowtie Don
In god we trust, I bust and post bond
In the hood we the Run-DMCs
Best quotes and wrote we don’t need
Death Row on foul like Cool C
Big flossy the b**ches like who’s he?
The corvette was a beast I had to lease
Six months then we’re free to holler, peace
Dead wrong my ni**a, Miami river cops
Leave you floating, hope you getting them ten a pop

(Repeat Bridge)

(Verse 4 – The-Dream)
Atlanta, Miami, Rosé
We like 2Pac infante
They sent my ni**a on house arrest
I’m coming through ni**as they ain’t stopping this
I bring the beach to the front door
All bi**hes out the pool we need to park the boat
Turn South Georgia to Florida
And turn the rest over to the lawyers
Cause we ain’t tryna hurt nobody
Just tryna bring life to the party
If I ain’t change you mind think whatever
One thing you can’t change is I changed the weather
And this my Rockafella flow
And you just on hella dope, I’m hella dope
This for real ni**as with Maybachs
All debts forgiven this is the payback

Yea, see what I did right there?
I just made that money dance
Hah, oh sh*t, Ross
Dance, dance, dance, dance
And we live from Atlanta, Georgia ni**a
Dance, dance, dance, dance
Yeah, yeah, see you on the other side
Dance, dance, dance, dance
Dance, dance, dance, dance
Dance, dance, dance, dance
Dance, dance, dance, dance
Dance, dance, dance, dance
Dance, dance, dance, dance