(Chorus – Rich Homie Quan)
Shooter holding my pistol as I switch lanes in that Audi
Tennis shoes my choices ain’t s**t changed but my bottom
I ain’t s**t lame without my partners
Your bi**h came to my house to get f**ked by my roster
My team homie, Peewee put me on it, yeah
These ni**as don’t want no problems, yeah
I can see it in their eyes, the feeling’s in my heart
Got me thinking through my mind
And I can’t hide the feeling inside
I don’t know how I feel like this but s**t just got real like this

(Verse 1 – Peewee Longway)
Rich Homie, this feeling, man it on vibe
And can’t no s**kers get in my ride
So I slowly let them Forgis glide
Now let that marinate while your bi**h get in my ride
She can’t believe her eyes, the ghost came suicide
I’m trapping in Guisseppe, gotta make a play, bae let’s ride
In traffic with goons behind me
And if you got a problem, my god I’m fraid I’m drunk
Rich Homie where they do, it’s your boy Longway
I count a lot of cash, my homies hold AKs
And if you try to pass, make sure you saying grace
My homies at your ass, aiming at your face

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Gucci Mane)
Yeah I don’t put sixes, she should put fours on
I told her just so I could f**k her with her clothes on
50 bi**hes hit my line in jail on my cellphone
Ni**s say he got the sticky icky purp velcro
Say he got a truck load, tell me what I don’t know
Ni**as that I run with are all
Clip got a gun in every pocket of my cargo
Half a million dollar worth of bails in my condo
Frisco, oreo
I’m in molly world, light a herb with my girl
Snuck up in the club with a pint in her elbow

(Repeat Chorus)