Alkaline – Object Bingo Lyrics

Frass, object bingo
Object bingo
Another one bingo

Object bingo
Cyaa too talk pon the phone caw yo done know how di thing go

Object bingo
Shot in a chest meck yo limbo
Object bingo

Object bingo
Another one bingo
One shot through the window

(Verse 1)
If a nuh flower, mi send evil man
Don’t trust the box food in a dem hand
When yo check seh a rice and peas in a that rass
A the millennium, the blue one
Mean while you a laugh and a give joke
And naw pree no man
Fork a tear, box full action
By time you fi look up and think a food man a nam
A your food nam

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
What a performance, yo bad pon the acting
When him a chat mi cyaa stop watch him
Such great delivery of badness, delivery pon him
Which delivery pon speech? Yow clap him
A who meck him headlines, Vendetta meck him headlines
So much man fi kill, look outside is a deadline
Headlines, wi turn white lines to red lines
Wid nine to eight, forty in a dem nine
Man bingo

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
The bwoy have mi as a idiot
Seh mi friend dem, dem naw fly no bat
Seh mi just tek up badness wa day
Feel seh mi head hot and mi fi get gunshot
No a the real idiot
Pu**y mi still a laugh and a chat
S**k yo mother you lydown flat
Mi get the text from 4:00
So you just get bingo

(Repeat Chorus)