Zj Liquid, Safaree & Ishawna – Try My Love Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Stepping in, checking in
Give a fist bump
I bang my balls on that pu**y that’s a slam dunk
Yo fat ass on my bike like a damn trynk
I popped that clutch, and watch your back slide down
No time I pull that skirt down
Strap it up and beat it up, and go for 12 round
Looking at me like she rock up all in love now
She know that am a Jamaican and I will not bow
She like tease me, tease me
I got a supn thirsty
Turn around flip
Put your mouth on this baby girl
Please be greedy
After this she go tattoo
Gaza mi seh, we dont
Get over here Ishawna come and try my love

Try my love
Try my love
Try my love
Try my loving bwoy

If you searching you naw go find
Another pu**y as good as mine
Suh fling it paw mi caw mi naw go mine
Try my love, try my loving bwoy

(Verse 2)
A bet you when mi fling it pon you
You fi get yo ex
Body have you head a way like you deh tek a quest
F**k whole day and night wi nuh get no rest
Once mi quint it, the wettest pu**y juice you ever get
Yo c**key longer than a thousand mile
Mi wi tek the journey caw mi waan the
Put in the work just like a 9-5
Tonight, tonight

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
And when mi gi you this mi know you a go like it
Punanny good, a nuh Benz this a Bentley
F**k mi rought today, tomorrow f**k mi gently
Pu**y sweet, a mussi Nestle
Yo find yo match and a never ear harmony
Meck you morn and then mi sing the harmony
John Legend never get mi, you get all a mi
Safaree, baby!

(Repeat Chorus)