(Intro – Fetty Wap)
Yaaaaaaaah baby

(Verse 1 – Rita Ora)
Baby, let’s cut down the lights
I just really wanna let this fire burn bright
I’m just telling you to have an open mind
Just imagine us

(Pre Chorus – Rita Ora)
You’re taking me there, you’re taking me there
Our lips are barely touching
So do it again, so do it again
We could be on to something

(Chorus – Rita Ora)
Heyo, heyo, I just wanna feel your body on me
Heyo, heyo, if you want it then you got it, hold me
No more, no more wasting time
We can, we can go all night
Heyo, heyo, I just wanna feel your body on me
Body on me
Body on me

(Verse 2 – Fetty Wap)
I know you like to fan on my body
Let me take you for a ride in my Rari
When I see you, you just make me do something
Too pretty, going in a museum
Take your time, baby girl, don’t rush it
You know my name, know baby
Anything you want, I get for you, baby
So can you tell me what’s the plan, baby?
Is that your friend or your man, baby?
Yaaaaaah baby
I wasn’t scared to let you in, baby
Gave you the keys to every Benz, baby
Yaaaaaah baby

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Chris Brown)
Put you up against the wall
And I’ma go to work til you get off
Baby, soon as you’re done we’ll go some more
Girl, just imagine us

(Repeat Pre Chorus)

(Bridge – Chris Brown & Rita Ora)
I’m not asking for too much, put your fingertips on me
Don’t wait til the sun’s up, we can keep this in between
Us, only nobody has to know what’s going down right now baby

(Repeat Chorus)