Gyptian – Oh Yeah Lyrics

(Verse 1)
There’s something special I do for their heart
In a the street more girls a talk
Gyptian songs turn dem on, on, on, yeah
And mi nuh have no special talk
But mi music reach dem heart
None a dem ear well a dem fault
And only truth mi a talk

Oh yeah, oh yeah
Anywhere mi deh a more girl come deh
Anything mi seh a that the girl dem a seh
Me a the man weh meck dem feel real happy

Oh yeah, oh yeah
A that mi really seh
Anywhere mi go a more girl a deh, deh
Anything mi seh a that the girl dem a seh
A me a the man weh meck dem feel happy

(Verse 2)
Wooy, some white and black
A woman no discrimination bout that
And fly away girls, I love when the play with me
Oh my ladies they are so amazing
In other place other girls give greetings
Give me smile
Some touch me and tears they cry
And sometimes cursible vibes

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Anything you waan
Anything you waan gyal
Cause me nuh mine
The woman dem a right way fi mi all the time
Thiefing gyal mi nuh waan
But if you bad gyal come
Mi seh mi naw go run
Cause girl mi seh nothing but fun
And mi seh mi buss dem just like a gun
And mi seh wheeel, when dem wheel and turn
Mi send a bungo mi meck dem come
You see wa mi mean, mi seh mi meck dem come

(Repeat Chorus)