Wiz Khalifa – Go Hard Or Go Home Part 2 Lyrics

(Chorus – Wiz Khalifa)
I feel like the sky is falling down
Ain’t nobody here to play around
Push it to the edge I won’t back down
Cause it’s time to go hard or go home
One way up, no way out
I give it all, all for the family
We stay up, no bail outs
Give it all, all for the family
Family, family, family

(Verse 1 – French Montana)
You know what it is when you hear haaan
Started from the the bottom with a dream
Started with a thought, not I got a whole team
All we had was hope now you see the whole team hot
Pull up in a boat, feel that rolls peel out
Montana, I’m I that third lane
First of the third man, stunt like Birdman
Pull up the Herman
The man that go up to two strippers naked
Getting turnt up like new year in Vegas
Your fourteen days, two weeks
I flew fourteen planes in two weeks
All white wraith looking like a tank
Got the whole team with me and we coming for the paint

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Trey Songz)
That blood just make us relate
I know you got some girls that can’t behave
We hate who? that I can’t relate to
But my one family got me made to
They say when you getting all this money it can change you
But when you be getting all this money can they blame you
Nothing ever changed you, I would stay the same you
Change is the only thing that will never change
Don’t nobody know how to roll it down like Jermain do
Judge took my dog out the pound told him thank you
I done gave cars to my partners, watches
Chicks dig the whip when I dip through the projects
Hanging out the side, giving money from my ride
Aye boy, your fingers dirty, don’t you be touching all inside
You know I’m from around the way, tell your momma I said hi
Chase your dreams until you die, Never slack up on your grind

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Ty Dolla $ign)
Do it for the family
When I’m hydro planing, no gravity
Doing donuts in the street like i’m krispy kremes
Dipping through the city with my top off, showing titties
All my thugs with me, ni**as with me
All my ni**as got, lamborghini ghost
Hundreds racks on the set, we race, you gonna lose
Do it for the squad, I’mma do my job
Going straight to the top