Tony Matterhorn Clears Up Gay Rumors, Says Photo Is Real

Tony Matterhorn has stepped forward to address rumors that he is gay after a photo surfaced online showing him with two fans that are allegedly transgender.

Speaking with Winford Williams on Onstage last weekend, Tony Matterhorn said the two fans are females, they are just not very attractive.

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“The picture is real, but I am in the picture with two girls, them don’t look good but I am in the picture with them,” the veteran sound system selector said.

The dancehall deejay said the photo was taken in Toronto while he was posing for pictures with some of his fans.

“It was a boat ride in Toronto I am taking pictures with some hot girls and then two flop girls came so I just took a picture with them,” he added.

Matterhorn also address criticisms from Bounty Killer and Gully Bop.


  1. ? ijs keep it real

  2. Is it possible that Matterhorn is sleeping with the entire island? What business is it of theirs?