Rihanna Thought Chris Brown Getting Punk’D The Funniest Thing Ever

Chris Brown got Punk’d and Rihanna laugh so hard that she cries.

The “Ayo” singer got blind sided on BET’s popular show “Punk’d” for the new season. R&B singer K. Michelle was also among the first victims.

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Rapper French Montana masterminded the whole thing to setup Chris Brown. The singer was lured to a music video set while a young actress told him that she was all alone. Being the father figure that Brown now is, he took matters into his own hands. The end result was equally funny and refreshing.

“My heart was pounding… ya’ll had me nervous and you are a great actress,” Brown said when he found out that it was all a prank. “I got punk before but this one actually had me at the edge of my seat. Am just glad that it’s not real.”

Chris also made reference to his daughter Royalty who sometimes travel with him on his tour bus.

Sources told us that Rihanna watched the clip and laughed so hard that she started crying.

“It was the funniest thing ever to see her laugh so hard about Chris getting Punk’d man,” sources told Urban Islandz.

“All her friends were laughing hard too, the whole thing is pretty hilarious seeing the way he was freaking out. She knew that was how he would react but seeing it is just too funny.”

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Sources close to the Bajan pop star have been telling us that they have been talking to each other a lot more lately, signally a possible reunion.

Rihanna has been linked to Formula One race car driver Lewis Hamilton and there seems to be budding romance going on after they were spotted on a few dates.

Do you think Rihanna and Chris Brown should rekindle their relationship?