Ryme Minista – Mix Up Lyrics

Shi seh shi waan some a my something
Suh mi a go waan some a her something
Shi seh shi love the banana
Suh mi gi her a pumpkin

Meck wi mix up a likkle bit a this
Wid a likkle bit a that
Shi seh likkle bit a what?

Mi seh likkle a yo pum-pum
Wid a likkle bit a my c**k
Mix it like a truck, like a truck

Meck mi mix up wa in a mi pants
Wid wa under yo frock
Mi Adidas relax

Meck wi mix up lizard lap wid the back-shot
That cyaa mismatch

(Verse 1)
Come meck wi mix like a concrete
Because mi know seh you long fi it
And meck mi mix up a icky paw yo neck
But don’t meck yo man see it

Just meck wi mix like a vegetable, any level
Yo pu**y fat and you nuh miserable, comfortable
Mi mix wid you the thing debil
She is a rebel
A real bad man shi waan fi f**k her

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Man a woman a mix from foundation
One occasion, to location
Suh don’t bother hold it like starvation
Gimmi likkle bit like a donation
A nuh nothing if wi mix like drinks
Mi know yo like mi, mi fully convince
My girl ask Shawn, or Scrappy, or Prince
Like 96 every gyal waan the link

(Repeat Chorus 2X)