SHABBA RANKS: Vybz Kartel Not Best Lyricist In Dancehall .. Professor Nuts Is

Vybz Kartel fans would beg to differ from Shabba Ranks who is saying that dancehall legend Professor Nuts is the best lyricist the genre has ever seen.

Shabba was speaking with JLP leader Andrew Holness when he was asked about Vybz Kartel being the best lyricist in dancehall.

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“I don’t get you, Professor Nuts is the best lyricist we ever produce,” Shabba said while stating that Kartel’s lyrics are high school.

Check around the 3:30 mark for that part of the interview.

Shabba Ranks is one of the most commercially successful artists in dancehall history. While Vybz Kartel, who is currently serving a life sentence for a murder conviction, is widely regarded as the most talented artist the genre has ever seen.

like Shabba, Professor Nuts came up in an era when dancehall was taking shape. He came with a witty and comedic form of dancehall that captivated a lot of fans.


  1. Worl’boss is the best dancehall lyricist EVER! Ask any car tire!

  2. Seemingly, a man’s opinion only makes sense when it is in sync with what we think. Is Shabba not in a better position to opine in the manner that he did? He is more of a subject matter expert than any of us…

  3. Alot of people just dont like giving kartel his due respect, even if you dont like kartel as a person give credit where it due. You listen too kartel no denying his penchant for his craft, metaphors is crazy of the charts, cant believe this man writes

  4. Shabba is basically saying he doesn’t get recognition in JA. He’s probably tired of having to entertain the Kartel questions.

  5. I must agree with Shabba on that one + i dont think Kartel is the most talented Jamaica dancheall artiste, even Busy Signal to more talented that Kartel.

  6. If kartel lyrics a High School lyrics that means Professor Nuts lyrics a kindergarten lyrics

  7. Once Up On A Time thing that… Nuts bad in his time Vybz Time Now. Vybz Is King