Gappy Ranks – Lying Tongue’s Lyrics

Jah, Jah, will remove their lying tongues
Cover their eyes, and tie up their arms
Wicked wont be no more, it wont be long
No it wont be long
Suh hold strong
Ghetto people hear mi song

(Verse 1)
Badmind don’t wanna see you shine
Meck dem carry one caw yo naw stop climb
Tell mi wa did happen to da friend of mine?
Weh wi did haffi left behing
Caw dem lose dem mind

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Nuff a dem dead but dem heart still hurting
The wicked haffi melt pon the earth dem nuh worthy
None a dem nuh worth hi
Informer start sing like birdy
Jah know how much mi heart hurt mi
Dem waan mi fi lock up in a the prison a do thirty
Oh lord of mercy

Dem never gimmi nothing when mi hungry
And dem never gimmi water when mi thirsty
Dem try fi block mi cool breeze
Badmind a the worsest disease
Dem naw go tell you thank you and please

(Repeat Chorus 2X)