Angel Haze – Babe Ruthless Lyrics

I’ve got them, I’ve got them bi**hes who roll with them bi**hes
And all of them bi**hes is tucked in the back
I’ve got them ni**as who rolling them swishers
And none of them ni**as they know how to act
If you f**king with me, I get gnarly
Drama get added then you get subtracted
I’ve got the only thing left I can give you
And that’ll be waiting on you in a casket
I be plotting lots of plotting
I been plotting, ohh
I be scheming on the low
If it’s weekend, open season
It’s like lock and load
Then Im freaking with a glo
If you thinking tribe is weak
Think them shots won’t go
Then you can get it, we can go
Might be faded, might be raging
Bi**h just watch me blow
You may never ever know

(Verse 1)
Young rap Morticia
No Bible, all scripture
Real s**t, rap God
Your favourite rapper’s mortician
Ni**a, I beats down dont get beats down
Freestyle over beats now
My wolves howl at the same moon
We from the same tribe, and I’m chief now

Running with leeches they s*cking my energy
Fake in the mix, it just f**k up the chemistry
You ain’t no homie, hoe you ain’t no friend to me
Sonning you ni**as but still ain’t no kin to me
How can you say that you really not feeling me
I’m in the nosebleeds, I’m where the ceiling be
I’m in the clouds, Im just chilling at Jesus feet
Rapping like Lord they don’t know I’m the trilogy
He like my child, told you the steel is peace
I walked on water and these hoes still dont believe
I gave em bread, gave em fish from the spoiled sea
I healed the sick and
They still put them thorns in me
Thinking to myself like Oh my God
Got the crown got the thorns got all my scars
It’s my motherf**king world, got all my stars
My motherf**king wish, just don’t fall far

(Pre Chorus)
If you want it, then it’s never out of reach ni**a
See everything I f**king have was once a dream ni**a
We had to plot, we had to murk, we had to scheme ni**a
We had to put on for the motherf**king team ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I done been a young unlucky motherf**kers since I came
I believe my only remedy’s the grave
I am in a white strait jacket locked and padded in my brain
And it feels like I’ve been stuck in here for ages
Ni**a I am out of my mind
Broke outta my cages
Running in the woods on some runaway slave sh*t
Who the f**k think they can test me now?
Look far, look wide, I’m the best around
Ni**a, got the game in my pocket
Plugged into my socket
Yeah, all eyes on me
Ni**a, I’ll ride around and 2Pac it
Yo, I never really wanted to kill y’all ni**as
But you gave me no option
If you want to try it, then cool by me
I’ll be customizing your coffin
Nobody cannot swim
Nobody can I cross it
I have never been anything like the rest of them
I have always been the opposite
Yo I have never known any opponents
Because I have always made a mess of them, yo
I’m with the team to the death of me
Y’all jump sides like the Mexican

(Repeat Chorus)