Ace Hood ft Ty Dolla $ign – I Know How It Feel Lyrics

(Chorus – Ty Dolla $ign)
I know how it feel
Everybody looking while you walking in the club straight flexing
I know how it feel
Standing on the couch, waitress bringing bottles to my section
I know how it feel
Woke up this morning with a bad bi**h laying on my pillow
I know how it feel
Came from the dirt, now I sit comfy on a mil
I know how it feel
I know, I know how it feel, I know, I know how it feel
I know how it feel
I know, I know how it feel, I know, I know how it feel

(Verse 1 – Ace Hood)
I know how it feel to be broke
And I know what it take to get rich
I know what it’s like to have them ni**as hating on ya
Turn around, be the same ones jumping on your d**k
Funny how sh*t’ll change when you get a little change
Seeing my old friends and knowing it ain’t the same
Copping my first watch, rocking my first chain
Only one in the hood you see in a red Range
I know how it feel baby, I know how it feel
I still get chills thinking about my first mil
I had to take a loss, it’s part of being a boss
Now all my ni**as floss, we ain’t worried about the cost cause

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Ace Hood)
Now it’s private planes for my woes and their partners
LoLl out the bank smiling
City to city, state to state
My ni**as, look what we accomplished
Ay, thinking back on my worst days
Now my homies in the club sipping bubbly, yeah
Plenty cake, happy birthday
I know the feeling when putting on for your birthplace
It’s going down ni**a, mayday
Gold chain, big bottles for my woadie
Throw up your Rollie, put it high in the sky
And wave that motherf**ker side to side

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Ace hood)
Way up ni**a, way up
I thank God for the day a ni**a came up
Pocket full of big faces
I’m in the club, someone point me to the waitress
They like who that? Who that spending all that dope?
Hashtag, we them ni**as on my IG post
Your favorite model call me papito
The panorama’s all white, I’m on my cocaine flow
Woo, you got me feeling like the man of the year
Everything trill over here
We just throw the Rollie in the sky and then we wave em side to side
For my ni**as in the celly doing time

(Repeat Chorus)

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