Sharp Ft. Laden – Wake Up Lyrics

If am dreaming I don’t wanna wake up
Keep getting this paper, not even cater
Houses car, everything is paid up
The finest grass in my bed

(Verse 1)
Step out sharp like a razor blade
And yo done know a Italy wi blaze a med
Mi smoking that loud all mi neighbour fraid
And when yo si mi yow mi eyes dem ever red
When mi step in a the club a straight S a spade ‘
Shell down the bar like seh mi just get raise a pay
Cyaa violate mi dawgs dem never scared
Instinct like the tugs dem never bade

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
From rocks to ridges, to the finest bi–hes
Now wi get kisses from actresses
Sould out concerts, major cities
Personal chef make our dishes
Hustle and wi proud like Luda Chris bridges
Keeping it gangster squeeze chiggers and titties
3 girls in my bed

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
No more champagne wishes and cafeeare dream
MPBBK that my team
Cant be no wrong that’s the way it seem
Everything a just gold transforming to green

Shell wi shell place when we roll through
Step to the bar yuh no si wi hold two
Colony, me, BK, the whole crew
Don’t bother hail if wi no know yuh

(Repeat Chorus)