Ryme Minista – Fast Life Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Again, and again, and again
Mi si friend a kill friend
Brother deh kill brother
Sister nuh like sister
A the same problem

A when all a this a go end?
Dem fake and pretend
Man haffi set a better trend
Fi provide fi mi youth dem

Caw mi never grow wid no gold spoon
No veranda, just one likkle board room
Mi use to fraid fi sit down in a classroom
Dem use to laugh when

Nuff time mi couldn’t afford fi go a school
But mi still never grow like Tom Fool
If mi nuh deh in a the bus park a hustle
A the studio a Shawn Crooms

Now mi a shine like star light
Everything alright
Mi do road last night
And mi haffi do road tonight

Pretty cars and fast bike
Enter the fast life
Now mi a live the life mi use to dream about
A it dem a read about

(Verse 2)
Mi conscience free wid a firm heart
Suh mi nuh listen when the dirty germs talk
Badmind nuh waan si mi pon the highway
So dem a set a trap fi mi turn off
Dem sit down pon mi name like a seat a meck a bag a noise
Otherwise mi a turn poverty in a paradise
When dem si mi face dem a apologize
Shame like adog wid abag a files

(Repeat Chorus)