Nicki Minaj Ex-Boyfriend Safaree And New Girlfriend Zashia Split Over Cheating Allegations

You won’t be able to find a single photo of Zashia Santiago on Safaree Samuels Instagram or Twitter page because the two have split.

Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend dumped his new banging girlfriend after allegations of she cheating on him surfaced online this week.

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Sources close to the Jamaican-born rapper told Urban Islandz that he pulled the plug on their budding relationship because he felt like she was just using him.

“SB just want to focus on his career right now and all these other drama and distractions are just getting in the way,” sources told us. “I think he should want to be solo right now and that is why he ended that relationship. He was getting too deep too fast and people just have to understand that this is a guy that has gone through a lot of hurt over the last year.”

Safaree also took to his Twitter page to defend some backlash that he has been getting on social media for deleting the photos.

“I deleted my pics becuz its time to keep my private life private and not be a spectacle . Im a artist not a reality show star,” he wrote on his Twitter timeline.

TheSHadeRoom published a series of screenshot text messages allegedly between Zashia and her secret boyfriend who is a local Miami rapper. She also allegedly sent him a nude photo of herself that she hide from Safaree.

She is defending herself on Twitter.

“I HAVE had relationships before this one. Where I was intimate. Hellllooooooo. I AM an adult. Pix got out lol. Whoopty doo,” she wrote.

“This is why I didn’t wanna come out in the first place. Ppl wanna ruin good sh**,” she added.

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill is probably in some hotel room laughing right now.

Check out the evident by clicking images below.



  1. Safaree is gonna really have a hard time finding a girlfriend. I guess now he’ll have to embrace the Five Finger Discount.

    • Yes because every single man is thinking about stealing a blow up doll. *sarcasm*

    • Boy….damn you sound dumb. I bet you never cheated or been cheated on. Everything happens for a reason. She got exposed for being a slut. Everybody keeps pickin on him for dumping Nicki. Get her ass off of your breath and jus breathe. The dude is still rich…..but money don’t buy happiness it just buy stuff broke people cant.

  2. I knew this was gonna happen soon. There’s not much for a broke man to do for a girl of Zashia statue. She was hoping to get some publicity off of him. Zashia knew Safaree was only using her to make Nicki jealous. The hate that Zashia got from people was because of Safaree. Safaree will continue to destroy every he touches, even his own music.

  3. This is funny! Nicki and her ex pic says ‘you left her where she always at’, and your having big fun! haha! no hyraglifics then haha

  4. These hos aint loyal. Safaree find yourself a Jamaican girl when you fly down next week.