Dr.Dre – It’s All On Me feat. Justus & BJ the Chicago Kid Lyrics

(Intro – BJ The Chicago Kid & Dr. Dre)
Family problems, it ain’t easy handling those needs
Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do
Baby mama drama, I just need a little time to go to sleep
Damn, only if I had a little time for me
Record company motherf***ers asking me when I’m gonna release
I want the pressure homie, so much pressure on me
And my homies on my back about me helping them get up off them streets
I mean what the f**k?

(Chorus – BJ The Chicago Kid)
And it all falls back on me
Sometimes, somehow, it all falls back on me
Somehow it always fall back on me
No matter where we are, no matter what we doing, it’s on me
If it was up to you that’s just the way it’s always gon be

(Verse 1 – Dr. Dre)
Listen to me
It’s kind of funny how they fall back on me
I used to never get a call back, homie
Before the money they didn’t see me like it’s dark and it’s all black, homie
But now they switching cause the card black, homie
It wasn’t always that way
We was recording on the 4-track, homie
New apartment, no fridge, no mattress, no table, no cable
And all I hear is my girl in my ear
And this ni**a eazy asking for his car back, homie
I would’ve never saw this happening from that far back, homie
What it came to be, would have never believed, living the life I lived in CPT
A motherf**king dream to reality is what you call that, homie

(Bridge – Justus)
It was something to me
No eat, no sleep, wasn’t nothing to me
Can’t always be how you want it to be
And I’m the one that they looking up to
F*** they expecting from me?

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Dr. Dre)
Listen to me
That’s just the way it is, and how it always was
DJing parties in my neighborhood just for the love
Dope dealers overtipping and b**ches stripping
And any minute ni**as’ll start tripping and start shooting s**t
On any given day I’m like what the f**k?
Face down on the pavement with the billy clubs
Took that feeling to the studio and cued it up
And now it’s f**k the Police” all up in the club
Now it’s 91 and Snoop Dogg came to visit
And was like What up cuz? Let me show you what this chronic like
Couldn’t help myself, just had to dip into that chronic life
And then that night came in when that ni**a Knight came in woo!
This one of those dreams you don’t wake up from
Then again, you don’t sleep if you come from where I come from
Where the sun shines and they bust nines
No 9 plus 1-1
When they run up on your school bus with a two truck, you might learn something

(Repeat Chorus)