Kabaka Pyramid – As The Keys Play Lyrics

As the keys dem play
As the children play in the streets
Same streets weh the AK’s blaze everyday
Dem nuh fraid a police
Face full a bleach, and the legs, and the hands to
Can see it when the knuckles dem dark
A wonder what these politician feel
When dem see it dem could a just laugh
Why is there no revolution woman
When kids get execution killing
Pon the news I si man a rape baby
But that nuh phase wi everybody still chilling

Meck mi change the chanel
Sight what a gwaan in a Israel and Palestine
In a Syria, all Nigeria
Like dem lost dem mind
And mi nuh like fi talk bout the negative
But that’s all weh mi si pon the television
Unless a boxing match
Rock the mind wid subliminal messages
Bare hot sponsors and commercial
Everybody quick fi sign and sell out
Mi would a love when the end controversial
Need people instinct and dead out
When yo sing good songs suh dem rate you
When yo talk yo mind suh dem hate you
Most people nuh know the truth about life
Much-less the God weh dem pray to
Suh dem worshiping, all a the things dem purchasing
Vanity that a the worster a sin
Nuff a dem song deh nuh worth a spin
As the calls dem move, rich people dem gone pon cruse
Poor people a look some food fi eat
And cyaa even put on one shoes
A just self reservation alone
Nobody helping the nation fi grow
One is taking it`s toll
Now the Chines making the road and taking the toll
Taking the lands and taking the beach
Taking the sand and taking the sea
While the government taking the tax away from the people
Prepared to the beast
Up in a parliament taking a seat
Passing the laws and making a speech
Wait and see when the revolution start
Dem gone pon a plane and flee
But none shall escape the judgement hi nuh