Masicka – Time Will Tell Lyrics

Man solid as a rock
Yo cyaa move mi
Cyaa move mi
Cyaa move mi
Mommy nuh worry yo naw lose mi

It take more than dem greatest soldier
Fi try scare mi

Time will tell the strong from the weak
You will all see it clearly

And mama keep on praying for me
Mama keep on praying for me

(Verse 1)
Man a tell you bout hard times
Before mi start rhyme
Man a look, nothing man cyaa find
Get a magnifying glass mi want mine
Big house, fast car, gold chain, star time
Gyal weh use to call mi broke pocket
Start whine like shi waan fi bruk her spine
Pagans fi glad seh the youth stop blast nine
And a work, a nuh part time

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Work hard, you will earn
Juvenile open the school book learn
Ghetto girls stand up pon yo too foot firm
Food pon the table, tables turn
God know about the money mi concern
Life tomorrow nuh confirm
Suh mi naw waste time
COuple CD man a burn, jah know

(Repeat Chorus 2X)